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The Power Of "U"!

U'R Phenomenal 
U'R Authentic 
U'R Intelligent
U'R Unique
U'R Rare

RareGirls, It's Time To Embrace "U"!

Happy Women's Month, We understand and support women throughout history. We promote gender equality and honor the efforts women are making each and everyday. We think " U'R Amazing ". For The Month Of March, All Dresses are $25 Sitewide. Don't Let This Month Pass You By. We hope that you flex your magic with Rare fashion made for U !

Hustle & Grow 

In 2024 here at U'Rare, If you’re passionate about something, do it. If you’re waiting for the right time, there isn’t one. If you're waiting for the money to come, it might miss your door step, go get it. No excuses, this year is about belief & action. We promote greatness, success and confidence. It may look different for everyone so focus on your purpose or mission✨ Shop our latest collection to activate your growth. 

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New Arrivals

Amelia Lee, GA

"U'Rare is such a great brand. The quality is amazing and  the message is purposeful."

Sandreen Foster, Fl

"Love the packaging definitely a luxury brand... urare is a experience."

Wallace Davis, LA

"Dope Hats!"
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Miami, FL



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